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Physiocare Rehab is able to offer the following training packages, on a one to one basis, or to small groups, both face to face and as an interactive webinar.


Brain Injury Training for support workers and carers.

Understanding the anatomy and functioning of the brain and what happens when there is damage. How brain injury or illness can affect physical and cognitive function, behaviour and personality.


Manual Handling for Therapists and Support Workers

Bespoke manual handling training for people who work in a therapy role.

Initial training or refresher.

Also, problem solving sessions.


Tone and Spasticity for support workers and carers

Understanding what causes changes in tone and how the our behaviour and the way we place our hands influences muscle tone, positively or negatively.


Falls and Falls Prevention

Why people might fall – identifying the risks and delivering effective rehab.


Fatigue, Sleep and Activity

Understanding the different types of fatigue, how it differs from tiredness and how sleep and activity management can play a role. Understanding pacing of activities, the different load on the body of different activities and how rest and sleep is important. 


Hydrotherapy for Support Workers

Understanding the effects of being in water on the body and how the different properties of water are used in therapy programmes.


Ethics at Work

Making ethical decisions -  what is good and bad, what is right and wrong, what should and should not be? Understanding the legal and moral implications of decisions. Including looking at what is informed consent



What we should be recording and what we shouldn’t. How to make sure your notes reflect what you have done and meets legal and professional standards.



What is resilience, why we need it and how we can develop it



The benefits and pitfalls of teamwork. How we can make our team a high performing team and how to avoid common difficulties of teamwork. Recognising the unique difficulties of support teams that work as a team but not on duty together. 



Are you communicating what you think you are? Making sure the message you want to say is the message that’s heard. Communication and listening skills for work and play.


Learning Styles

Understanding the different ways we learn and recognising the differences. Improve your own learning experience and be able to deliver effective patient support and education.





























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