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Physiocare has over 10 years experience of specialising in the assessment and rehabiltation  of complex neurological and vestibular conditions as part of the rehabilitation within the medico legal process.


Physiocare is able to offer a comprehensive assessment and detailed assessment report which includes a summary of presenting problems, realistic goals and proposed interventions.


Rehabilitation will be delivered via the most appropriate approach. This may be one of, or a combination of, hands on treatment, a rehabilitation programme to follow at home, a gym programme, hydrotherapy, acupuncture, electrical stimulation or vocational and leisure activities to support the identified goals.


The rehabilitation programme may be supported by family or support workers and comprehensive training will be delivered, along with competency and risk assessments, to enable ongoing rehabilitation between sessions.

Clear rehabilitation plans will be provided, which will include detailed personalised instructions, photographs, videos and other media as appropriate.


Detailed progress reports, attendance at multidisciplinary team meetings, liaison and joint working with other professionals is offered as part of Physiocare's philosophy of client centered holistic care.






















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